For: Anyone, anywhere, anytime

Taste: Fun

Vibe: Shrikanth from Gully Boy

Allies: Environmentally aware, vegan, gluten allergic

Come take a walk on the wild side with our latest obsession. Sink into the crisp flavours of TiLT wines, canned so you can sneak it in to any party you like. High key fun is now available in four delish flavours - Red, White, Bubbly and Bubbly Rosé.

Each TiLT varietal is a proprietary blend of indigenous grape varietal infused with lots of youth and fun


Inspired by the French Beaujoulais winemaking style, TiLT pays special attention to easy drinkability and freshness. Harmonising tongue tickling flavours of melon and passion fruit, we balance sweetness, acidity and tannins impeccably. Need we say more? We stan TiLT!

So what’s your TiLT mood today?

TiLT Red: Soft and elegant with a subtle ripe plum finish 

TiLT White: Aromatic with balanced acidity and a smooth finish 

TiLT Bubbly:  Refreshing tropical fruit with a lovely citrus finish 

TiLT Bubbly Rosé: Subtle yet refreshing blueberry finish


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