All our endeavours at Fratelli are inspired by our wine first. In 2016, when Jean-Charles Boisset visited our vineyards and tasted our wine straight from the barrels he fell in love with our vinted produce. Thus began the collaboration. 


Taken from the Urdu word Junoon which means passion, we titled this range of wines J’noon as a symbol of what brought together two teams from across the world led by Boisset and Fratelli respectively - a passion for quality wine.

A wine base made by our in-house master winemakers Piero Masi and Vrushal Kedhari, brought in tandem with exclusive blends crafted by Jean-Charles Boisset results in a superbly diverse set of vintages.


Boisset, proprietor of Boisset Collection, brings decades of experience to the collaborative endeavour with values which align with ours - authentic craft and terroir-driven winemaking. 

The J’noon range boasts a white wine, a red wine and also the JCB No. 47, named in tribute to the year India won its independence from colonial rule.