For: Friends & family

Taste: Celebration

Vibe: Tara from Made In Heaven

Allies: Environmentally aware, vegan, gluten allergic

Chilling or raising a toast with the fam or the gang? Noi is that perfect buddy you always want to invite to the scene. 

Give your party the ultimate glow up by adding Noi to your bar. The spritzer is a lightweight drink (bottoms up!) with delicious floral and tropical notes packed to the brim. It’s basically springtime in a can without the allergies (yes, we’re looking at you Bangalore). Noi is short for revelry, memory and friends like family. Dive into a can of love and give your tastebuds a treat.

For sundowners, impromptu getaways and those rooftop nights you just want to dance away, Noi is the friend who’s down for it all. 

NOI Spritzer is perfect for cocktails! Click on the links below to learn how you can start the party with your favourite NOI Cocktails.