Story of Fratelli

As the sun set on a warm afternoon in 2006, the seeds of a new dream bloomed to life - Fratelli. Brought together by love and driven forward by passion, Fratelli is symbolic of  a vision manifested by three families who aspired to tell stories through the art of winemaking.

Crowned Fratelli, which means ‘brothers’ in Italian, the collaboration was birthed as the Secci brothers from Italy joined hands with the Sekhri and Mohite-Patil brothers from India. 

Committed to bringing new life to wine culture through a blend of Indian terroir and Italian craft, Fratelli’s vineyards have become the birthplace of award winning varietals.

Under the guiding hand of Piero Masi, a master winemaker from Tuscany, the estate has been developing an eclectic and select range of wines since 2007. The house of Fratelli continues to thrive, forging bonds through every glass of exquisite wine, turning friends into family.

Our founder late Mr Kapil Sekhri left for heavenly abode in October 2020. He was a champion in shaping the name Fratelli to be synonymous with premium Indian wines. His dreams now lives in our hearts and we are committed to making them come true