Our Vineyards

Picture endless vistas of lush green. Imagine the sweetness of breathing in a river of blue skies. 

You’re in the middle of two hundred and forty acres of our vineyard. The home to Fratelli’s best wines. 

India’s largest privately owned wine estate, our terroir is at the heart of our work.

After months of soil testing across India, these grasslands were chosen by our in-house winemaking expert Piero Masi who has since been the chief viticulturist and winemaker at Fratelli.

Our vineyards lie in the rolling hills of the Sholapur region in Maharashtra, blessed with perfectly nutrient poor and highly mineral soils. 

Combined with the temperate Maharashtrian climate, we produce wines which showcase varietal purity and playfulness. 

Currently a sanctuary to several noteworthy international and pioneering grape varieties, like Sangiovese and Chardonnay, the Fratelli Vineyards offer up the idiom that anything is possible in India given the dedication of a devoted team.

We seek to empower and uplift the lives of everyone working within and around the Fratelli story. We employ about 100 women in our vineyards, creating better livelihoods by encouraging equal opportunity and self sufficiency. We believe that through care for the Fratelli family, our grapes and wines absorb the trickle down of the love we invest, making it a product of reverence and affection.

Apart from our very own estate of two hundred and forty acres, we have also partnered with surrounding farms in the region to expand our family of Fratelli Farmers. As a result of this endeavour, we build our community within and around the vineyards, empowering the lives of hundreds and uplifting Akluj from an obscure area to an internationally recognised destination.