Our Winery

Our state of the art, ultra modern winery facility is the perfect environment for Piero and his team to weave their magic on what are recognised as the most diverse range of both classic and unique wine grape varietals on the Indian subcontinent.

Our 40,000 sqft winery houses the very best winemaking equipment from Europe. Bottling and labelling lines from gai in Italy, over 70 multicapacity fermentation tanks imported from Velo, Itay, and the finest quality French Oak barrels, are the essential tools necessary to ensure the very best platform for the production of world class wine.

The winery's high tech laboratory also ensures the highest level of quality disciplines are maintained at each and every step of the winemaking process.

Piero's commitment to producing authentic, single vineyard reserve wines means to appreciate and foster the character of each vineyard and to apply maximum care to achieve the finest wine quality. An especially important factor applied in our cellar is the choice of barrels used for ageing, and in particular the choice of wood which in our case is the highest quality French Oak from exclusive coopers, Demptos and Saury.

We also feel the right capacity containers is essential for creating balance and elegance in the wines. This is the reason why we have barrels of vaying capacities in the cellar that are used depending on each wine component's specific requirements. Our principles emphasize individuality and diversity, ensuring each of our reserve wines are distinctive and unique.