If you are looking to create a magnificent culinary experience with our wines, our artisanal cheeses are the perfect place to start. 

A special variety of locally produced cheeses, this range is crafted by Käse exclusively for Fratelli making our cheese and wine pairings a match made in heaven. 


The faces behind Käse, Namrata and Anuradha, lead the company keeping in mind the importance of uplifting communities through high calibre production methods. After leaving a corporate job, Anuradha teamed up with Namrata to bring their mutual love of cheese to fruition. Käse cheeses are made by specially abled women, creating an environment of empowerment and freedom through ethical and socially beneficial methods. This conscious collaboration radiates positivity through every facet of the process, emphasising the values we hold sacred at Fratelli.

Sink into a world of tantalising tastes and mesmerising aromas…

Our assortment of handcrafted fromage is made with raw A2 milk. This means that from the very first step of the process we actively work towards bringing high calibre produce to your table. A2 milk is more than a commodity. It’s a philosophy. By ensuring that the cows are protected, loved and nurtured we are gifted with milk which supersedes any other. It contains a higher amount of protein, contains more vitamins and minerals and is also safe for those who are lactose-intolerant! Last but not least, A2 milk is free of hormones and antibiotics making it a product you can trust.


From the milk to our cheese and our wines, everything is made with love in India. We at Fratelli are vocal for local! Come, taste a piece of contemporary India.



 Every variety of cheese we develop is intrinsically tied to the story of Fratelli. At our vineyards, there is very little we hold more precious than our special Sangiovese clone. The only crop of its kind in India, this clone is developed by our leader in winemaking Piero Masi. This Cheddarg, a combination of cheddar and Cornish Yarg, is wrapped in our homegrown Sangiovese leaves and aged for up to five months. The process of ageing cheese by wrapping it in leaf is an age old technique, ensuring a consistently moist environment for the product. 

 The leaves lend smoky and woody notes to the cheese, creating a characteristically scrumptious flavour. Our Sangiovese Leaf Aged Cheddarg happens to pair beautifully with both red and white wines. Our in house experts recommend any Sette vintage as the perfect partner for this Cheddarg.


 Inspired by the limburger cheese which originated from Duchy of Limberg, now a province in Belgium, the Sunburst is a semi-soft cheese. Named for its orange rind, the Sunburst will surprise you with its rich taste. Through daily rinsing with a Chenin laced brine for five to seven weeks, this cheese absorbs the delicious flavours of our very own Chenin Blanc wine. It is aged over the course of five months. The cheese develops a sticky, orange rind particular to this cheesemaking technique. With a pungent aroma and a creamy textured body, the Sunburst will tease your tastebuds in a tantalising, flavourful experience.

 For a delightful gourmet experience, pair this cheese with a crisp white wine and an array of nuts and fruits. We recommend our Sangiovese Bianco or Chenin Blanc wines to pair with this cheese.


 Another wine rinsed cheese, the Syrah rinse takes from the Tomme cheese variety which are generally made in the French Alps and Switzerland. Our Syrah Rinsed Gusto is steeped in a saturated brine of Fratelli’s Syrah red wine for about four to five hours before it is aged for five months in our chambers. The Syrah Rinsed Gusto comprises elegantly structured hints of citrus with a mildly bitter rind. The body of the cheese is buttery with hints of mushroom. As it ages, it develops a slightly metallic tone on the rind. The Gusto is titled like so in homage to the punch of flavour it packs!

 For a truly divine experience of the senses, pair with M/S red or our shiraz and merlot wines.