Over a decade ago, the founders of Fratelli sat together in Akluj and watched a film about the landmark event known as ‘Judgement of Paris’. The story told was about Steven Spurrier, and the way he placed Californian wines at the forefront of the industry worldwide by beating world renowned French wines in a blind tasting. Inspired by his fearless approach, the founding brothers reached out to him in an endeavour to bring that energy into our Indian terroir. Thus, MS was born. 


One of the most influential wine professionals of our time, Spurrier’s collaboration with our in-house tastemaker Piero Masi was quite literally a dream come true. The magical collaboration between Spurrier’s expert knowledge along with Italian and Indian influences resulted in a reserve of three elegant wines - a red, white and a rosé.

Our rosé is made like a white wine, extracting only the purest juices from the grapes with a gentle press. It is the first Indian rosé to have won an international award. MS white is a unique blend at Fratelli and is matured in stainless steel to highlight the minerality of the wine. Our Sangiovese clone provides a low yield with a very high quality of flavour and elegance, coupled with the complexity of our Cabernet Franc and the light spicy note of our Shiraz, creating an unmatched wine experience.

The name is a tribute to Masi and Spurrier, two masters of winemaking, titled Master Selection or MS for short. Our first vintage was released in 2015. The reserve continues to produce excellent blends each year with inspired structures, each bottle crafted with the utmost care.