In a unique combination of terroir, climate and crop, Sette is an elegant and approachable blend - the signature red wine at Fratelli. 

Alessio Secci, our Director, tells us the story of how it came to be.

“Our dream was to make a Super Tuscan in India - a Super Indian.” 

Right from the start, Fratelli has been a daring dream. When we chose Akluj for our home, the unconventional decision came as a surprise to many. With a hands-on team who have walked the vineyards themselves and been directly involved with planting and harvesting from day one, we harvested our first crop in 2009. 

“We realised we had in our hands a wine which could become the first stage of our dream. We had to come up with a name and I thought about it and came up with Sette which means seven. In our culture, seven represents the universe. Sette represents the best of the universe of Fratelli.”

With Sette we strive for perfection. Coming from the school of winemaking which emphasises care for the crop, each grape is handpicked and chosen for this classic blend. Planted at Akluj, Fratelli is the only one in India to cultivate Piero Masi’s very own Sangiovese clone. This crafted combination of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese is blended in French oakwood barrels for upwards of two years before it is riddled, disgorged and then bottled.

A medium bodied wine which maintains freshness and complexity, this red wine has been made to suit the rich diversity of Indian cuisine while also being adaptable to an international palette. Sette is a symbol of our love for wine, a reflection of our dedication to delivering the perfect bottle. Springing from soil which has been cared for by the core Fratelli family, the grapes have been harvested, selected and blended under the guidance of Piero Masi and finally bottled proudly with a label designed by our very own director.