Monsoon Pairings

After days of flirting, the skies are filled with grey clouds moving swiftly as the heavy monsoon air hangs in still. The first drops of the season’s rain are a refreshing joy after the parching heat of the summers. We welcome the rains with open arms as the season of regeneration begins. As the feeling settles in, our kitchens are filled with aromas of monsoon foods and there is a special beauty in pairing them with wines.

We list down some of our select wine and food pairing along with a favorite pastime during the rains.

Our Chardonnay goes real well with piping hot Samosas (or even pakoras/bajjis!). Enjoy this delectable combination while flipping through your current read while you breathe in the smell of petrichor.

Our MS White, a blend Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, pairs well with Crispy Corn Chaat or Bhel Puri. Tending to your flower garden, sipping on some delish white and the crunchy corn to munch is the therapy you didn't know you needed!

Rainy days are for pulling out those board games and having a ball of a time. We recommend our Chenin Blanc, India’s most awarded wine, along with some Chicken Tikka. Grab your partner and bring out the children in both of you!

We have all been forced to stay indoors (and we strongly recommend you do just that) and a lot of us are working from home. But well, WFH has its perks, too. Crack open a bottle of Cabernet Franc Shiraz and whip up a quick and simple Chilly Cheese Toast to go with it. Set up your desk on the balcony with the clattering rain as your music and we assure you of your task list getting smaller a lot faster.

They say that the monsoon brings out the romantic in all of us and what better wine than a Rosé to accompany this mood. Tandoori Fried Fish with our SWA Gold award winning MS Rosé sets the mood perfectly for you to start strumming those romantic numbers on your guitar.

A little me time, a little self love and a celebration for one. Pop open our sparkling wine NOI with a side of Bruschetta and catch up on that much deserved break.

Enjoy this season of rejuvenation and growth and do tag us if you try any of these (or your own unique) combinations. Cheers!