VITAE TRE is an 'innovative' wine made by fusing three different grapes – Gewurztraminer (only produced by Fratelli in India) and Muller Thurgau which are very aromatic and Chenin Blanc. The two aromatic wines are fermented, 30% in new French oak barrels, and the remaining in stainless steel tanks. Chenin blanc by itself and then blended together so that it creates the mineral backbone of the wine coupled with the lychee aromas of Gewurztraminer, which are prominent on the nose, and the elegance and finesse of Muller Thurgau.

TASTING NOTES: The wine is well structured and well balanced, delicate on the palate with good minerality and a floral nose making the wine extremely aromatic.


Vinification adapts to different target that you want to achieve. For VITAE TRE, clarification, post pressing of the grapes and obtaining the free run juice, enhances the best primary aromas. Around one-third of the clear juice of Gewurztraminer and Muller Thurgau is transferred to new French oak barrels for fermentation while the remaining is fermented in stainless steel tanks. Chenin Blanc is fermented by itself in French oak barrels. The wine is then transferred into stainless steel tanks to remove sediments from the wine. This is followed by cold stabilization, filtration and finally the wine is bottled.

Muller Thurgau

Muller Thurgau grown in plot I of Motewadi adds a tropical fruit note, increases the acidity and makes Vitae TRE a completely different wine on the Indian shelves.


On top of it, Gewurztraminer, with Fratelli as the only producer to have planted it in India, adds an incredible bouquet and also some color which is more red than white.

Chenin Blanc