What is Vitae?

VITAE is a Latin word meaning life. Vitae is a tribute to women whom God has gifted powers of providing life to a new soul. Just like a mother gives birth to a child, showers it with selfless love and care while the child is growing up; VITAE is a tribute and an end result of a similar philosophy.

It is the birth of a wine that has been made with utmost care, love and attention.

The three circles in the logo symbolize what's beyond control in life which in Fratelli's winemaking would translate to a daring step of making a barrel fermented white wine in India.

Innovative Viticulture

VITAE has been conceptualized and made in the vineyards. During the month of September, we select plot patches, prune them in a way so as to restrict the yield per acre and monitor them for 6 months, taking care of the vines during the phenological phases that plants need to go through before harvesting.

Our plot selection is made keeping in mind the soil composition to attain the best notes for the wines. 'Deep and rocky' like our Plot G and I in Garwarand Motewadi for VITAE CHARDONNAY and VITAE TRE, and 'sandy and rocky' in Plot C of Garwarfor VITAE SANGIOVESE.

Sun exposure and temperature excursion are the other two important parameters which are crucial to get the highest quality grape used in VITAE. All grapes are harvested manually and sent to the winery. The grapes are harvested early morning in order to protect and preserve all the primary aromas which are delicate but vital.


Vinification adapts to different target that you want to achieve. For VITAE CHARDONNAY and VITAE TRE, post pressing of the grapes and obtaining the free run juice, clarification is carried out to enhance best primary aromas. This clear juice is then transferred to new French oak barrels where it is fermented within these barrels only with yeasts but no lees. Batonage is carried out twice a week for up to 4 months. Malolactic fermentation is allowed to be completed at the end of fermentation post which batonage is carried out twice a month. The wine is then transferred into stainless steel tanks to remove sediments from the wine. This is followed by cold stabilization, filtration and finally the wine is bottled.

VITAE SANGIOVESE is made by fermenting with skins on stainless steel tanks but following a light extraction technique so that the wine style will become closer to a Burgundy Pinot Noir. Once alcoholic fermentation is over, the wine is then transferred into new French oak barrels for ageing which makes the wine elegant.