VITAE CHARDONNAY is a 100% barrel fermented chardonnay. Our aim is to make a Burgundy style wine with notes of vanilla and brioches with elegant acidity which is persistent, simple but complex. We ferment it directly in the new French oak barrels, keeping the temperature under control in order to preserve the primary and secondary aromas. After six months the wine is left on lees to make it richer. The wine is then transferred from the barrels to the tanks for it to mature and be ready for bottling.

TASTING NOTES: The wine has notes of brioche, vanilla and butter on the nose while the palate is clean with a distinguished minerality, notes oftangerine and citrus, completed by a long finish at the end.


Vinification adapts to different target that you want to achieve. For VITAE CHARDONNAY, post pressing of the grapes and obtaining the free run juice, clarification is carried out to enhance best primary aromas. This clear juice is then transferred to new French oak barrels where it is fermented within these barrels only with yeasts but no lees. Batonage is carried out twice a week for up to 4 months. Malolactic fermentation is allowed to be completed at the end of fermentation post which batonage is carried out twice a month. The wine is then transferred into stainless steel tanks to remove sediments from the wine. This is followed by cold stabilization, filtration and finally the wine is bottled.

Select plot pruning of Chardonnay at plot G in Motewadi that happens to be one of the oldest vineyard sites for Fratelli.