What does Sette mean?

SETTE meaning seven in Italian is a dream that the 7 brothers of Fratelli had. The dream came true when the vintage of 2009 gave an exceptional quality produce. The top one percent of the grapes from Fratelli's estate owned vineyards in Akluj near Pune went into fulfilling this dream. Piero Masi's (Creator Fratelli wines) signature blend, SETTE is a barrel aged red wine, matured in French oak for fourteen months. The combination of the unique terroir of Akluj, a beautiful vintage of 2009, the artistry and craftsmanship of Piero Masi, and the passion of Fratelli wines Family resulted in SETTE, a wine that can gracefully mature in the bottle for years.

The Story of SETTE

SETTE was not conceived until the first harvest at Fratelli vineyards in 2009. The Fratelli Wine Family though confident of the work they did to have the first harvest, were keeping their fingers crossed on whether God will play his hand right. What came out of the harvest was something that surpassed expectations. Piero knew that this concentration and potency in the juice will come, but had not expected it in the first harvest. With no initial plans of maturing the wines, Fratelli invested in French oak barrels, as Piero said that the only thing that can and should be done is that to let the wine mature in French oak. It was a treasure that was meant to be in safe hands, and this is how SETTE was conceived.

What makes a "SETTE"

With the belief that "wine is made in the vineyard first", Sette stands on three pillars of Terroir, Climate and Vineyards.
Grown in the sub-tropical climate of Akluj where the average difference of temperature during the day and night is of 15°C, 'SETTE' benefits from the temperature variations which help the berries to ripen with enough sunshine during the day, and the aromas to be preserved by the coolness of night.
Selection – Only The top one percent of handpicked grapes of a vintage year goes into the making of the exclusive SETTE.
Ability to mature in the bottle– SETTE is a true manifest of old world tradition and know-how and new world terroir. The wine has the ability to mature and evolve gracefully in the bottle for the next 5 to 6 years, making it probably, the only Indian wine that can boast of such a feat.

Mr. Steven Spurrier (International Wine Writer and Wine Consultant) had stated that
he feels that SETTE could become the first Indian Icon Wine, just like Opus One of California.

In the words of Piero Masi – The Journey of Sette has just begun!!!

Our Vintages

Not every year will have a SETTE being produced; it needs to be a vintage year to make a SETTE.