The Canvas

Grapes carefully selected and handpicked from 240 acres of estate owned vineyards at Fratelli in Akluj, Maharashta located on the right bank of the Nira River.. The vineyards are spread over three sites - Motewadi, Nimgaon & Garwad and are planted with 12 grape varieties with a trench line of 330km with 350,000 saplings.

CLIMATE: Akluj has a typical sub-tropical climate with an average temperature of 33° C during the months of March to August and mild winters registering an average temperature of 26° C. Being at an altitude of 650 metres above sea level, there is a difference of 15° C between day and night temperatures that helps the berries to ripen with enough sunshine during the day, and the aromas to be preserved with the coolness at night.

TERROIR: Fratelli was attracted towards Akluj (Solapur) due to its dry, mineral and organically poor soil, ideal for growing grapes. The absence of clay and excellent drainage on the vineyard slopes, accompanied by Piero Masi‟s skill, has helped in extracting the maximum out of the soil for these wines.

Wines were then processed at the fully pre-engineered, temperature controlled, galvilium 40,000 sq. ft. pillar-less winery comprising of 58 multi-capacity tanks imported from Velo, Italy with state of the art plant and machinery.

240 acres of estate - owned Fratelli vineyards in Akluj, Maharashtra, India

58 multi - capacity tanks from Velo, Italy

Fully - automated bottling unit from GAI, Italy